• Our Artistic Director, Gianluca Marcianò

    Dear friends


    I hope that you are all safe and well during these extraordinary times.

    Perhaps like me you are quarantined at home. Perhaps like me you are allowing yourself to dream about how we can pick up our lives when we emerge from this pandemic.

    The arts have, like so many other aspects of our life, been hit very hard. Live events have been cancelled, theatres shut, orchestras silenced, and major festivals postponed indefinitely.


    We must build for the future

    But we must be optimistic. When this is over, we shall need to rebuild. I am determined that the Suoni dal Golfo festival should go ahead this Summer, assuming that we are back to some form of normality by then.

    In this way we can provide support to our musicians and sustain the live audiences who are so much part of our life blood. We can bring life back to the heart of our community of Lerici. Importantly we will transform the festival orchestra to put emphasis on the best Italian musicians who have lost work as a result of these events. (And if we cannot mount the festival in the Summer, we will launch a fund for musicians in need and aim for smaller scale concerts in the Autumn.) In doing so I believe we can really show the way to others.

    You, along with many others, have been part of the journey of this festival in my beautiful hometown. You have seen what we have built over the three short years of the festival’s existence, bringing together talented young musicians to perform in this wonderful setting. I want to share my plans with you for this Summer - the venues, the programme and more. I also want to ask for your help to make this happen.


    We have exciting plans for the 2020 festival

    These are some exciting features we plan to incorporate in the festival:

    • We are in the process of launching a brand new website which will have an online ticket booking facility.
    • We are also excited to announce that we will now have a 300-seat summer theatre in Lerici’s main square.
    • We will be using the beautiful and historic Villa Marigola for chamber music and other events associated with the Festival.
    • Our main programme will celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, we started a three years cooperation with EUFSC Foundation which will bring artists like Daniel Lozakovich, Boris Andrianov, Philipp Kopatchevsky and Veronika Dzhioeva. The Festival’s opening will celebrate  Federico Fellini and the last night will have on stage two stars of Opera For Peace, René Barbera and Rihab Chaie
    • We plan to introduce a ‘fringe festival’ with a series of concerts of about 45 mins each free to the public. They will take place in all the beautiful villages that surround Lerici – Tellaro, Pugliola, La Serra, San Terenzo, Ameglia and Arcola. These concerts will showcase not only the beautiful scenery that surrounds Lerici but also the talents of the assembled artists who will perform programmes of chamber music and other original items.
    • Finally, we are giving ourselves a new name: LERICI MUSIC FESTIVAL.   (This is simpler if less poetic than Suoni da Golfo!)


    Our great advantage is that we have the flexibility to mount the festival at short notice. We also have the flexibility to move the planned dates. The festival is currently scheduled for 4 -16 August. We could push it to the second half of August or even into September. We are very grateful in particular to the city of Lerici who make this flexibility possible.


    We will transform our festival orchestra to support musicians in need

    We have decided to transform our Festival Orchestra. This year we will appoint the best of the outstanding Italian players who have lost work during the shutdown and are not employed full time. This a tribute to all the difficulties that many wonderful orchestral musicians will have faced over these past few months. It will give them a chance to restart doing what they love. To our minds, this is an act of social responsibility. We want to set an example for other festivals world-wide.

    One important feature of our festival from the beginning was that our orchestra was drawn from the best young musicians from all over the world. For this year we felt it was right to put priority on Italian musicians, though we will also include a few young musicians from our wider international community. For future years we hope to return to our philosophy of an international orchestra of fine young musicians at the start of their careers (they are after all our future).


    We need your help

    While it’s hard to make firm decisions for the future, we feel it is important to keep going with the organisation of the festival and to honour the commitment of everyone involved.

    To do this we will really need a great deal of help from our individual supporters, foundations and institutions. The Italian Government has been good to us in the past, but they are now engaged in a battle which, of course, pre-occupies them.

    Beyond the support which the City and a number of other donors have already pledged we need to raise €150,000. With this letter I am launching a fundraising campaign. We need help as follows:

    • 30 people to sponsor a musician at €1500 per musician
    • 10 individuals or institutions to sponsor concerts at €5000 per concert
    • 5 individuals or insitutions to be overall festival sponsors at €10000 each
    • A group of friends who subscribe €100 - €250 - €500 for different levels.

    I am also seeking larger scale sponsorship with benefits that can de designed appropriately.

    I am asking you to find it in your hearts to help us. I know that many people are under financial pressures in these times but your contribution - be it large or small - can make a huge difference to us. Please sign up and become an ambassador for Lerici. You can be part of something magical, beautiful and life affirming and something that can bring hope to all of us in these worrying and uncertain times.

    Please let me know if you are able to offer any level of support. I should welcome it if we could have a phone call to discuss more what I have in mind.


    And if the festival cannot take place…

    We will aim to minimise administrative costs in planning the festival and to ensure that the maximum amount of money can be channelled to musicians. Our contingency plans should the festival not take place in the Summer involve setting up a fund to support musicians, working with other festivals in similar positions and hosting a number of smaller scale events in the Autumn. Whatever, we are determined to make a difference to the lives and livelihoods of talented musicians who are in need.



    Our famous playwright Sem Benelli said of Lerici;


    Beato o te… che riposi in pace nel Golfo dei Poeti

    Blessed are you …who repose in peace in the Gulf of Poets.


    We also see this as our way of helping Italy. As I write, the country is suffering and struggling amid the chaos caused by the Coronavirus. This is our way of building on our culture and heritage and the welcome Italy has always afforded to the many visitors who flock to see its beauty. Music brings people together. It is healing. It is inspiring. See how even in these times people sing on their balconies, the police serenade people locked down in their houses, our great opera companies offer their resources for free.


    My friends, music needs you, the arts need you, Lerici needs you. Sign up to support us in any way you can, and please find it in your hearts to contribute to our Festival.



    Sincerely yours,


    Gianluca Marcianò


    For updates and further information

    Until our new website goes live, you can find all our news on:

     www.suonidalgolfo.com (there is a link to the donations page.)

    Facebook (Associazione culturale Suoni dal Golfo)

    Instagram suonidalgolfo


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    When Sem Benelli named the bay on which Lerici lies “The Gulf of Poets”, he emphasised its story - from Lord Byron to DH Lawrence, from George Sand to the Shelleys who lived in Villa Magni (San Terenzo) - and he described the reasons why many artists and intellectuals, before and after them, chose this place to live part of their lives: a place for the soul and creativity.


    It is the place to be inherently poetic: the light, the silence, the landscape, the rhythm of life, the relationship between sea and mountains, the climate and the sweetness of life that lead us to look at life with depth, affection and disenchantment at the very moment when one loves and sings it.


    Here, Music has a natural place that exalts it, like a sounding board for the soul and beauty.


    Suoni dal Golfo Festival stems from this story and draws its inspiration from that cultural humus...




  • Founder and Artistic Director

    Gianluca Marcianò


    Gianluca Marcianò is a conductor of great agility and astuteness with a particular interest in bringing the Italian operatic repertoire to the most varied corners of the world. He is the Chief Conductor of the Armenian State Opera in Yerevan, Artistic Director of the Al Bustan Festival in Beirut and has been appointed as Music Director of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. He is increasingly in demand as an opera conductor and has strong ties with the opera houses in Zagreb, Minsk, Sassari, Prague and, in the UK, English National Opera, Longborough Opera and Grange Park Opera where he has inaugurated the new theatre in Horsley with a production of Tosca.


    A piano prodigy himself he graduated in politics before being trained as a conductor. Gianluca is committed to nurturing young talent and created together with his friend and colleague Maxim Novikov, Orchestra Excellence (from 2020, Suoni dal Golfo Festival Orchestra). As Lerici is his home town, Gianluca is delighted to give to the orchestra a residency at Suoni dal Golfo.





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    Artistic Direction of Giuseppe Bruno, Valentina Renesto, Gianluca Marcianò


    promoted by the Municipality of Lerici and Associazione culturale Suoni dal Golfo

    JANUARY 23 2020, 9 PM



    Paolo Carlini, bassoon

    Gabriele Pieranunzi, violin

    Music by Paganini, Solbiati, Corghi, De Rossi Re

    FEBRUARY 27 2020, 9 PM



    Betty Makharinsky, soprano

    Pavel Timofeyevsky, piano

    MARCH 12 2020, 9 PM



    Federica Severini, violin

    Pier Carmine Garzillo, piano

    Music by Liszt and Franck

    APRIL 9 2020, 9 PM



    Sanja Romic, oboe

    Milica Pasic, harp

    Music by Clara Schumann, Debussy, Fauré, Saint-Saens, Ibert, Piazzolla

    MAY 7 2020, 9 PM

    BEETHOVEN 2020


    Shinnosuke Inugai, piano


    TICKET OFFICE: Cinema-Teatro Astoria

    during the opening times of the cinema or the day of the concert, starting from 5 pm. You can reserve your ticket by calling the following number, every day, from 3 to 7 pm: + 39 3485543921




    Standard ticket: 15 euro

    Ordinary subscription holders will be entitled to a 10% reduction on the price of every ticket category of the Festival.

    Season ticket: 60 euro


    Reduced ticket: 10 euro

    under 26, over 65, Lega Navale Italiana's Associates

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