Set on the famous coastline of the Golfo dei Poeti, the seaside town of Lerici and the neighbouring Cinque Terre have been a magnet for poets and composers alike, from Shelley, Byron and D. H. Lawrence to Wagner.


    Conductor Gianluca Marcianò launched Suoni dal Golfo festival in 2017 in his home town of Lerici, synthesising the beauty of this historic and authentic town by the sea with wonderful music.


    Together with violist Maxim Novikov, Gianluca Marcianò established the concept of Orchestra Excellence - a training opportunity for emerging musicians. The festival provides a summer residency for carefully selected young musicians as well as showcasing celebrated artists. Together they learn and grow.


    With 21 concerts in stunning locations in Lerici, San Terenzo and Tellaro, Suoni dal Golfo pays tribute to all those artists who over centuries drew inspiration from the wonderful surroundings of the Gulf of Poets.


    Join us and feed your soul.


    Watch our documentary of Suoni dal Golfo 2018

    Gianluca Marcianò conducting Orchestra Excellence

  • Founders

    Gianluca Marcianò


    Gianluca Marcianò is a conductor of great agility and astuteness with a particular interest in bringing the Italian operatic repertoire to the most varied corners of the world. He is the Chief Conductor of the Armenian State Opera in Yerevan, Artistic Director of the Al Bustan Festival in Beirut and was recently appointed as Music Director of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. He is increasingly in demand as an opera conductor and has strong ties with the opera houses in Zagreb, Minsk, Sassari, Prague and, in the UK, English National Opera, Longborough Opera and Grange Park Opera where he inaugurated the new theatre in Horsley with a production of Tosca.


    A piano prodigy himself he graduated in politics before being trained as a conductor. Gianluca is committed to nurturing young talent and created the Orchestra Excellence together with violist Maxim Novikov. As Lerici is his home town, Gianluca is delighted to give his Orchestra Excellence a residency at Suoni dal Golfo.

    Maxim Novikov


    Maxim Novikov is a keen advocate and performer of new works for his instrument, the viola. The former pupil of Yuri Bashmet currently works as a producer at the State Opera of Armenia, is a freelance sound engineer and he forms a duo with harpist Valentina Borisova. As a soloist Maxim has performed with the Mariinsky Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and many other orchestras in his native Russia. He is deeply committed to developing Orchestra Excellence and giving the musicians the best professional experience possible, in the wonderful environment of Lerici.

  • Sea of Stories

    Suoni dal Golfo is delighted to announce Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets, a new international series of conversations with leading musicians, writers, filmmakers and other artists from around the world,

    under the Artistic Directorship of the award-winning cultural journalist and critic Maya Jaggi.


    The series is presented by Maya Jaggi and the writer and journalist Boyd Tonkin, recently author of an acclaimed guide to global fiction.

    A word from the Artistic Director

    The inaugural Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets takes up Suoni dal Golfo’s Lebanese theme for 2019, in conversations with the film director Nadine Labaki, whose controversial feature Capernaum won the 2018 Jury Prize at Cannes; novelist and playwright Hanan Al-Shaykh, the most celebrated woman writing in Arabic today; and artist Manuella Guiragossian, who will speak about the legacy of Paul Guiragossian, her father. A quarter century after his death, the Jerusalem-born artist, a refugee twice over, has a growing reputation as a pioneering Modernist painter and voice for humanity.


    We are also thrilled to welcome the novelist and poet Ben Okri, winner of the world’s most prestigious award for fiction in English, the Booker Prize, and of Italy’s Premio Grinzane Cavour. He will speak about his visionary writing and the Romantic poets and rebels who were inspired by this coast, including Shelley and Byron. David Winkler, the festival’s featured composer from New York, takes up the theme of inspiration in a conversation before the world premiere of his 4th Symphony “Lerici”.


    There will also be conversations with the concert pianist Marcelo Bratke, who nurtures disadvantaged musicians in Brazil’s favelas; and the virtuoso violinist Sergej Krylovof Russia –both performing at the festival.


    The talks (in English with simultaneous translation into Italian) will take place at 18.00 at the Hotel Shelley e delle Palme in Lerici. Tickets are free and talks will be followed by a glass of local wine.

  • NEWS

    As it happens...

    A fantastic 2019 Festival

    This year's festival was a wonderful celebration of music at its best. With classical music at its heart the spirit of Lebanon both opened and closed the festival. The haunting sounds of Khaled Mouzanar's score for the award-winning film Capernaum captivated the audience at the new Piazza Brusacà in San Terenzo, where romantic lights swayed gently over the heads of the musicians playing on the stage whilst excerpts of the film were projected on the buildings behind. Lebanese performer Aleph closed the festival with his band from Beirut, under the stars at Piazza Garibaldi in Lerici, with an audience that simply had to move with the music. In between there were virtuosic performances from instrumentalists, chamber musicians, actors, the festival's own very talented Orchestra Excellence and the festival Artistic Director, conductor Gianluca Marcianò. A huge thank you to everyone involved and particularly Sindaco Leonardo Paoletti and his team who supported us in every possible way.

    Join us in 2020.

    Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets

    In its third year, Suoni dal Golfo launches Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets, a new international series of conversations with leading musicians, writers, filmmakers and other artists from around the world, under the Artistic Directorship of Maya Jaggi.


    This cultural series of talks (in English with simultaneous translation into Italian) is presented by Maya Jaggi and Boyd Tonkin, writers and cultural journalists from London known for their global perspectives on the arts.


    If seas unite while mountains divide, Lerici’s Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets is a place for people to come together in openness to the world, sharing stories while on the bay that inspired poets and musicians.

    Tax beneficial giving for UK tax payers

    UK tax payers can now give to Associazione culturale Suoni dal Golfo using Gift Aid through Charitable Aid Foundation (CAF) and benefit themselves as well as Suoni dal Golfo by doing so. Anyone wishing to give through CAF should contact the Executive Director by clicking the link for information. This has been enabled through membership of Transnational Giving Europe. For similar possibilities in other European territories or for US tax payers wishing to support the Festival through the American Friends of Suoni dal Golfo, please contact the Executive Director.



    10 - 24 August 2019



    Grand Gala Opening - music from award-winning film Capernaum




    Hotel Shelley e delle Palme, Lerici

    18:00 I Capernaum and a cinema of social change

    Nadine Labaki  award-winning film director and actor, in conversation with Maya Jaggi





    Piazza Brusacà, San Terenzo

    21:00 | Music of award-winning film Capernaum with composer Khaled Mouzanar on piano, Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi on bandoneon and with special guest, film director Nadine Labaki.

    Orchestra Excellence conducted by Gianluca Marcianò.







    Church of Santa Maria Assunta, San Terenzo

    18:00 | Sax IV Seasoning

    ExclusIVe Saxophone Quartet

    Music by A. Piazzolla




    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    Concert in memory of Katya Tsukanova (2002-2019)

    21:00 | This concert is to celebrate the life of Katya Tsukanova who was one of our artists in the 'Spotlight on a Young Musician' series. She was a very gifted violinist and was to perform this evening. She died tragically young and this concert reflects her love of all music - symphonic, chamber music and vocal - as well as dance and life. Artists performing include:

    Gianluca Marciano - piano

    Mikhail Shilyaev - piano

    Anush Hovhannisyan - soprano

    Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi - bandoneon

    Maxim Novikov - viola

    Ekaterina Zemskova - cello




    Oratorio en Selàa, Tellaro

    21:00 | Aitne Quartet

    Donata Piazza, violin

    Simone Paradiso, viola

    Elena Sciamarelli, cello

    Marco Ciampa, oboe

    Music by J. Haydn, F. Schubert, W. A. Mozart and E. J. Moeran


    Please note: Tonight is the Octopus Festival in Tellaro.Parking and access will be very difficult. We suggest you take the small bus ATC bus from Piazza Garibaldi, Lerici and the timetable is as follows:


    18:00 arr. 18:15

    18:30 arr. 18:45

    19:05 arr. 19:20














    Hotel Shelley e delle Palme, Lerici

    18:00 I Refugee Artist of the Human Condition: Paul Guiragossian

    Manuella Guiragossian, daughter of the world-renowned, Jerusalem-born artist, in conversation with Maya Jaggi




    Momento Immobile



    Parco Shelley, San Terenzo

    21:00 | An evening of Belcanto with Venera Gimadieva, soprano and Orchestra Excellence conducted by Gianluca Marcianò






    Mister Bach's European Journey

    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    20:30 | A Bach programme performed by Andrea Bacchetti, piano

    Supported by Serate Musicali.





    Homage to Khaled al Assad, curator of beauty, hero of Palmira


    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    22:30 I World première of a work composed by Oliviero Lacagnina


    direction: Angelo Tonelli

    text: Vinicio Ceccarini

    narrator: Daniele Ceccarini, Angelo Tonelli

    composer and singer. Phoskaiskià Paola Polito

    music coordinator: Sergio Chierici

    coreography: Annalisa Maggiani

    dance performers: Annalisa Maggiani, Stefano Gorgaini and guest

    video: Daniele Ceccarini

    immagini: Giuliano Gennari

    scenography: Giuliano Diofili







    Hotel Shelley e delle Palme, Lerici

    18:00 I The Music of Hope

    Marcelo Bratke, concert pianist and music director in Brazil's favelas, in conversation with Boyd Tonkin




    L'invitation au voyage


    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    21:00 | Mixed media performance with Italian award-winning actor Marco Gambino, international concert pianist Marcelo Bratke and videoscenography by Brazilian artist Mariannita Luzzati





    Ferragosto Extravaganza


    Piazza Garibaldi, Lerici

    21:00 | featuring Miriam Prandi, cello and piano; Ana de la Vega, flute and Darko Brlek, clarinet performing Mozart, Haydn and more with Orchestra Excellence conducted by Pablo Urbina with surprise stars





    Rhapsody for Europe


    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    21:00 | Greatness and Sorrow of Abbé Liszt

    Gregorio Moppi, narrator

    Alberto Bologni, violin

    Giuseppe Bruno, piano






    Hotel Shelley e delle Palme, Lerici

    18:00 I From Beirut Blues to the Italian Riviera

    Hanan Al-Shaykh, acclaimed novelist and playwright in Arabic, in conversation with Maya Jaggi






    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    21:00 | Young Concert Artists Trust prize-winner Guiseppe Guarrera, pianist, plays D. Scarlatti, L. Berio, J.S. Bach/F. Busoni and F. Liszt








    Hotel Shelley e delle Palme, Lerici

    18:00 I Voices of Freedom

    Ben Okri, prize-winning novelist and poet, in conversation with Boyd Tonkin




    An evening of chamber music


    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    21:00 | with Sergei Krylov, violin; Maxim Novikov, viola; Miriam Prandi, cello; Klaudia Baca, double bass; Vitaly Pisarenko, piano; Ana de la Vega, flute and Lone Madsen, clarinet

    Music by F. Schubert, M. Glinka and M. Bruch








    Hotel Shelley e delle Palme, Lerici

    18:00 I From Russia to the World

    Sergej Krylov, virtuoso violinist and orchestra director, in conversation with Boyd Tonkin




    Piazza Garibaldi, Lerici

    21:00 | P.I. Tchaikovsky, Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 35 and Symphony n°5

    Sergei Krylov, violin, Orchestra Excellence conducted by Gianluca Marcianò






    Song and Piano Recital


    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    21:00 | A recital with tenor Vincenzo Costanzo and Maestro Gianluca Marcianò on piano

    Music by F. P. Tosti, P. Mascagni, V. Bellini, C.A. Bixio and A. De Curtis





    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    Spotlight on a Young Artist

    19:30 (NB early start time) I Nicolas Salloum plays L. van Beethoven, R. Schumann and F. Chopin




    Special event for sponsors and donors at the Castle

    Enquiries: please contact the Executive Director


    21:30 I Ksenia Milas performs all 24 Caprices for solo violin op. 1 by Niccolò Paganini







    Hotel Shelley e delle Palme, Lerici

    18:00 I Inspired by Lerici

    David Winkler, Suoni dal Golfo's featured composer from New York, in conversation with Boyd Tonkin




    Piazza Garibaldi, Lerici

    21:00 |

    M. Bruch Kol Nidrei op. 47

    F. Liszt Piano Concerto 2

    D. Winkler Symphony no. 4 "Lerici" (World Premiere)

    Samar Talaat Hafez, double bass

    Vitaly Pisarenko, piano

    Orchestra Excellence conducted by Gianluca Marcianò






    La Grande Bellezza


    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    20:30 |

    Maxim Novikov, viola

    Herta Hansena, piano

    Music by N. Rota, F. Schubert, A. Pärt, P. Karmanov, C. Reinecke, R. Di Marino and A. Maskats (world premiere)





    22:30 I VesuviOperaJazz with Vincenzo Costanzo

    A fantastic new 'sound'. Is it Jazz? Is it Opera? Opera arias like you have never heard them before.






    In Viaggio con Rossini e Paganini


    Teatro Astoria, Lerici

    20:30 | 'Musicattore' Luigi Maio and Orchestra Excellence conducted by Gianluca Marcianò

    Under the patronage of Paganini Genova Festival in collaboration with Carro Felice.





    22:30 I Aleph and his band with Orchestra Excellence

    A combination of worlds - music from Lebanese music sensation Aleph's sold-out concert at Olympia, Paris to end the festival with a bang.










    Chiesa San Francesco, Lerici

    21:00 I Special concert to remember those whose lives were devastated by the tragic bridge collapse in Genoa in August 2018

    R. Di Marino - Concerto for viola and orchestra (world premiere)

    Maxim Novikov, viola


    J. Sibelius - Concerto for violin and orchestra, op. 47

    Anna Tifu, violin


    W. A. Mozart - Requiem K626

    Maria Koryagova, soprano I Sofia Tumanyan, contralto I Bechara Moufarrej, tenor I Laurence Meikle, bass

    Chorus of Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova directed by Maestro Francesco Aliberti


    Orchestra Excellence conducted by Maestro Gianluca Marcianò


    in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova





    Photos and biographies

    Nadine Labaki

    Guest of honour 10.08.19 & Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets 10.08.19

    NADINE LABAKI is an actor and filmmaker who graduated in audiovisual studies from the University of Beirut. Her first feature, Caramel (2007), an ode to female friendship developed through a Cinéfondation Residency at the Cannes Film Festival, was showcased at the Directors’ Fortnight, and became Lebanon’s most successful film export. Where Do We Go Now? (2011), a fable about religious tensions and tolerance, premiered at Cannes in Un Certain Regard. After Rio, I Love You (segment ‘O Milagre’) (2014), she spent five years making Capernaum (2018), which won the Jury Prize at Cannes and was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. This year she became the first Arab jury president of Un Certain Regard at Cannes. She has been a jury member at the Venice, Sundance and Tribeca film Festivals, and of the Palme d’Or at Cannes. She is a French Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters.

    Photo credit: Fares Sokhn

    Khaled Mouzanar

    Opening concert 10.08.19 Composer of music score for Capernaum

    Khaled Mouzanar is a Lebanese composer, song writer and music and film producer. He has composed several music scores for films including After Shave (won the Cesar Award for best short film in 2006), Caramel (won the UCMF Award for Best Music at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008), and Where Do We Go Now? (Won the award for Best Music at the 2011 Stockholm Film International Festival). Mouzanar's work is rooted in various genres, where Classical Contemporary music also flirt with Argentinean Tango and Oriental melodies. Mouzanar began experimenting with music at a very young age. His mother (both a guitarist and a singer) who has lived in Mexico gave him a passion for South American music. He then studied under the astute guidance of Boghos Gelalian, an Armenian-Lebanese composer. "I learned the rules of music composition by analyzing a cantate of Johann Sebastian Bach every week", stated Mouzanar.
    In 2017 he produced and wrote the music of Nadine’s Labaki feature film Capernaum (Jury Prize Winner in Cannes Film Festival 2018). For this he had a nomination at the BAFTA, the Golden Globes and the Oscars for Best Foreign Film. Though Mouzanar derives inspiration for his music from various sources, the script of a given film remains the most important in this regard.

    Photo credit: Nathalie Tufenkjian

    Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi

    Opening concert 10.08.19

    Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi chose the world of sport from a very young age and became a regional cycling champion. At the age of nine he had a revelation that changed his life: he found an accordion in his grandparents' house - he began his musical journey. In 2001 he represented Italy at the C.M.A. winning first place in the city of Lorient (France). From that moment the doors of the world opened wide and he was immediately in demand from prestigious festivals. He began to study bandoneon after listening to the early records of Astor Piazzolla. It turned out that his passion for this music genre was very popular with his audience. He researches and looks for inspiration from within himself and this leads him to experiment with new programmes written for him by Italian composers, with the aim of building new repertoire with purely Mediterranean sounds.

    He is an Abruzzese, an indomitable dreamer, and with his music he does not create barriers but builds bridges of friendship enabling each performance to grow freely, to be unique and to give life to great emotions.

    Aitne Oboe Quartet

    Tellaro 11.08.19

    The Aitne Oboe Quartet was formed in Catania and was created out of the meeting of musicians who
    had a passion for music in common, a passion that had been with them from their childhood. Their deep
    commitment to music has taken them to international success in their professional life, leading them to
    win awards, to take part in world-famous chamber music festivals and to assume important positions in
    celebrated orchestras. For Aitne Oboe Quartet the search for absolute harmony develops through a
    rigorous respect of the score, leaving room for creativity, emotion and passion. The resulting
    interpretation is therefore rich in musical expression, far from the more trodden paths, in which the
    strong emotional impact merges with an impeccable stylistic rigour.

    ExclusIVe Saxophone Quartet

    San Terenzo 11.08.19

    Four different colors, four different spices and one common passion. From this starting mix, the Exclusive Saxophone Quartet was born, more or less, as a bet. Next September they will celebrate 9 years of playing together but actually they have known each other much longer, from their time at the same Conservatory. Three women and one (lucky) man, that approached working as a saxophone Quartet with an innovative perspective: not a string quartet with reeds, nor a pop group pretending to be a chamber ensemble. They are interested in premières of works by young and not-so-young composers, in transcriptions, in rediscoveries. And above all attention to the highest quality: one can never abandon the search for perfection or ineffectiveness will be the punishment - whether it is Bach, Piazzolla or Ligeti.

    Venera Gimadieva

    12.08.19 Concert

    Russian soprano Venera Gimadieva has quickly become one of the most sought-after lyric coloratura sopranos in Europe. A graduate of the St Petersburg Conservatoire and the young artist programme at the Bolshoi, Moscow, she now performs regularly at prestigious opera houses and venues around the world. Gimadieva's signature roles include Violetta La traviata (Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; La Fenice; Washington National Opera; Opéra National de Paris and Glyndebourne Festival Opera); title role Lucia di Lammermoor (Semperoper Dresden; Teatro Real, Madrid and Bayerische Staatsoper) and The Queen of Shemakha The Golden Cockerel (La Monnaie, Brussels; Teatro Real, Madrid and Santa Fe Opera). Engagements in the 2019-20 season include The Queen of Shemakha The Golden Cockerel (Dallas Opera) and title role Lucia di Lammermoor (Royal Opera
    House, Covent Garden).
    Gimadieva's first solo album Momento Immobile, produced by Artist Digital and released by Rubicon Classics in October 2018, is a collection of bel canto arias by Donizetti, Bellini and Rossini with Hallé Orchestra conducted by Gianluca Marcianò. Photo credit: Chris Gloag

    Andrea Bacchetti

    13.08.19 Concert

    At a young age Andrea Bacchetti was guided by Karajan, Magaloff and Berio. He debuted at age 11 in Milan with Solisti Veneti conducted by Scimone. As a solo pianist he has performed in very many leading festivals and in renowned chamber halls and worked with various orchestras and important conductors. Recording projects include, on Super Audio CD, the Cherubini sonatas (Penguin Guide UK, Rosette 2010), the Scarlatti Restored Manuscript 2014, (winner of ICMA Prize in Baroque Instrumental category), Bach Inventions and Symphonies (BBC Music Magazine, Best CD of the month, September 2009), The Italian Bach (Record Geijutsu, Best CD of the month, May 2014), Bach Keyboard Concertos with Rai String Orchestra (Supersonic Pizzicato, July 2016), Live at Teatro Carlo Felice with Fabio Luisi, Mozart: Piano Concertos K414&K271 (Supersonic Pizzicato, July 2018). Collaborations with chamber music partners such as R. Filippini, the Prazak Quartet, the Stradivari Sextet of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, the Quatuor Ysaye, Uto Ughi and Maxence Larrieu have all been well received.

    Oliviero Lacagnina & collaborators

    ​Performance of 'Omaggio a Khaled, custode della bellezza, eroe di Palmira' 13.08.19

    Oliviero Lacagnina (pictured right) is a composer, arranger and conductor born in La Spezia.

    He studied with leading composers and his music spans contemporary music to dance, from musical theater to music for images and “progressive rock”.

    Vinicio Ceccarini created the text for 'Khaled' and is a prolific and much-published writer.

    Paola Polito is a literary critic, published writer and poet, translates from French, English, Romanian and Danish.

    and collaborates as an alto singer and composer.

    Angelo Tonelli, director and performer, poet and renowned Greek specialist, has published his many studies on wisdom and Greek tragedy.

    Daniele Ceccarini, narrator, is a celebrated director, filmmaker and author.

    Annalisa Maggiani is a contemporary dancer and artistic director of Gesticulates/azione Dance Theatre (La Spezia-Berlin)

    Marco Gambino

    14.08.19 L'invitation au voyage - actor

    Marco Gambino is pictured on the right of the photo. “Since the age of six I knew I wanted to become an actor. When, as a child, people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, instead of the classical answers: astronaut; footballer; firefighter, I would say ‘I want to become an actor’. The reason was that when my mother put me on a chair to recite a poem people around me would be moved to real tears by my performance...and I thought that was a good enough reason to become an actor’.

    Marco Gambino today is an award winning actor whose career spans from theatre to television and films. His stage work has been described by the English press as ‘spellbinding’ (Telegraph) and often consists of monologues, which he interprets in more than one language.

    Marco has appeared in some of the most popular Italian and British television series (including Young Montalbano, Emmerdale, The Boss of the Bosses, Squadra antimafia, Romolo and Giuly) and films include The International and most recently il Traditore.

    Marcelo Bratke

    14.08.19 L'invitation au voyage - pianist and Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets

    “Hints of wildness, yet with elegant construction, subtle rhythmic dislocations and shining piano colors” wrote The New York Times about Marcelo Bratke last concert at Carnegie Hall. Recognised as one of Brazil’s finest pianists, Marcelo has performed in some of the world’s most renowned venues in North and South America, Europe and Japan. In 2017 he received Brazil’s highest cultural honour given by the Brazilian President: the Order of Cultural Merit for music and for his work with disadvantaged young people. Featured among his many awards are First Prize at Tradate International Music Competition in Italy, Revelation Prize of the São Paulo Art Critics’ Association, Carlos Gomes Award in Brazil, Classical Discoveries Award in the UK, the 14th Brazilian International Press Award, Sarajevo Winter Festival Award and the São Paulo Citizen Award. His CD Le Groupe des Six was voted by Gramophone Magazine as one of the greatest classical recordings of all time.

    Mariannita Luzzati

    14.08.19 L'invitation au voyage - videographer

    “Mariannita Luzzati is a fine painter of landscape and mood, making big abstracted images of subtle colour packed with essence and atmosphere” wrote the art critic Andrew Limberth of The Spectator. In 2011 Luzzati was included in the retrospective exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Brazilian artists held at the Presidential Palace in Brasilia entitled “Mulheres, Artistas e Brasileiras”, specially commissioned for the visit of the US President Barack Obama to Brazil. Painter, print maker, photographer and video maker the Brazilian-Italian artist Mariannita Luzzati has shown the extraordinary achievement of exhibiting at some of most important museums and international leading cultural institutions in Brazil, Europe and Japan. Her works are also owned by important public and corporate collections such as: Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo; Fondazione Musei Civici de Lecco and MIDA of Scontrone, Italy; British Museum, London; University of Essex/Colchester, England, amongst many others.

    Pablo Urbina

    15.08.19 Conductor Ferragosta concert

    Having lived in places as varied as Pamplona, Los Angeles, San Diego and London, Pablo is a young Spanish conductor who is creating a name for himself internationally due to his emotional approach to music and his deep passion for music outreach. Although he has never run with the bulls in his hometown, he gets a big rush of adrenaline every time he gets on the conducting podium. Having worked with musicians of the calibre of Haitink, Cecilia Bartoli and Juan Diego Flórez, and orchestras like the Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra, National Youth Orchestra of Portugal, the Hallé and Tunisian National Symphony, he became the Associate Conductor of Suoni dal Golfo in 2017. In this role he oversees Orchestra Excellence, assists Maestro Marcianò and takes care of the outreach activities. He believes that classical music has the power to make a big impact in society, and tries to show this to all audiences.

    Miriam Prandi

    15.08.19 Soloist - Cello and Piano

    ‘My first step into music was made thanks to the big black Steinway in my father’s studio. This charming ‘elefante nero’ was able to produce sounds and it accompanied my childhood until the day I heard a recording of the incredible passion of Rostropovich. I remember knowing, very clearly, that it would be part of my life and my companion forever.’


    Miriam Prandi expresses her musical diversity not only as a solo cellist, but also as a pianist. In 2016 she made her debut at Maggio Musicale Fiorentino performing both instruments as soloist with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Chamber Orchestra. Winner of the 2016 Rahn Musikpreis at Tonhalle Zurich personally awarded by chairman Sol Gabetta, cellist Miriam Prandi regularly performs as soloist in major concert seasons including Teatro alla Scala Milano, Auditorium Rai Torino, Menuhin Festival Gstaad, Tonhalle Zurich, Al Bustan Festival and has played under the baton of Neeme Järvi, Andris Poga, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Gianluca Marcianò and Michele Mariotti.

    Photo credit: Neda Nevaee


    Darko Brlek

    15.08.19 Soloist - Clarinet

    As a virtuoso clarinettist Darko Brlek performs internationally. He is General and Artistic Director of the Ljubljana Festival. Acclaimed in the arts world since 1991 he has held important posts in Slovenian cultural institutions, currently as President of the Expert Council of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor and council member of Avditorij Portorož. He is prominent in the European Festivals Association (EFA) becoming President from 2005 to 2017. Presently he is President of EFA’s Festival Academy, an initiative for young festival managers. Art and culture are in Darko Brlek’s blood – in 2016 he won an annual management award for outstanding economic achievement given by the Finance newspaper and Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. Other awards include the Betteth and Župančič Awards and the highest prize granted by the City of Ljubljana for outstanding creation in the field of art and culture. In 2018 Darko Brlek received the prestigious award of the President of the Republic of Slovenia for his contribution to the artistic and cultural life of Slovenia and internationally.

    Ana de la Vega

    15.08.19 & 18.08.19 Soloist - Flute

    “When I decided to be a flautist, I had never seen a flute. I didn’t know what an orchestra was and I had never been into a concert hall. I was seven, playing in the garden of our farm in Australia when Rampal’s Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto came through my parents’ speakers. I was rendered choice-less as to what I needed to do with my life - every decision from that moment on led me to the flute, to Paris… and to Mozart!”

    “Such an interesting new soloist in the field of flute has not existed for a very long time” (Naxos). The Australian flautist Ana de la Vega certainly stirs up the classical music scene at present. Her debut recording with the English Chamber Orchestra of Mozart and Myslivecek is attracting unbridled and unparalleled attention worldwide. Having won Classic FM ‘Best Albums of 2018’, reached Amazon Best Seller No.1, and won CD of the week in 6 countries, Ana has become one of the most celebrated and recognized flautists today.

    Alberto Bologni

    16.08.19 Rhapsody in Europe - Violin

    Alberto Bologni graduated from Conservatorio Cherubini of Florence with full marks and cum laude followed by a soloist’s diploma at Rotterdam Conservatoire and was fortunate to benefit from major European violin-playing traditions: Sandro Materassi link with the Venetian school of Giulio Pasquali and the German-Hungarian school of Jeno Hubay and Stephan Gheorghiu and Ilya Grubert the Russian-Soviet school of Oistrakh and Kogan.

    An enthusiast of art, cinema and literature, Alberto Bologni is one of the most versatile violinists of his generation with solo and chamber repertoire of masterworks, rarities and rediscoveries, and many contemporary compositions dedicated to him or commissioned by him, with appearances at major Italian and European centres.

    He is the author of “Goldoni e Haydn ovvero dell’arte della conversazione”, has composed cadenzas for violin concertos by Mozart, Haydn, Viotti (no. 22) and Paganini (no.1) and his recordings have been admired by the Italian and Anglo-Saxon press.

    He teaches violin at ISSM Luigi Boccherini of Lucca and collaborates regularly with American and English Universities.

    He plays a Santo Serafino of 1734.

    Giuseppe Bruno

    16.08.19 Rhapsody in Europe - Piano

    Giuseppe Bruno showed very early musical talent, graduating in Composition at the age of 18 and in Piano at 19, also winning a prize in a national contest for translation from Greek to Latin. He graduated in Orchestra Conducting, completing his studies at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. At the age of twenty he was invited to teach at the La Spezia Conservatory, which he subsequently directed from 2008 to 2014. His professional life has included performing on platforms such as the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, Italy and Charleston, USA, Amici della Musica of Firenze and two tours in China which he undertook as a symbol of understanding diverse cultures, in the belief that making music together with valued friends and colleagues is one of the most beautiful things that can happen in life. In 2018, at Festival Suoni dal Golfo, he directed the national premiere of Liszt's Sardanapalo.​

    Gregorio Moppi

    16.08.19 Rhapsody in Europe - Narrator

    Depending on the days and hours of the day Gregorio Moppi does different jobs, because to always be busy doing the same things would make him upset. However all the things he does have a connection with music. Sometimes he writes about musical news for newspapers and magazines, sometimes he does musical research searching through library shelves to prepare essays and conferences, sometimes he teaches history of music to dozens of students in different places in Italy. For some time he has also tried his hand at musical organization. He lives in Florence, where he was born. He graduated in piano, has a degree in Literature and a
    doctorate in the History of the Performing Arts, studying musical presence in Italian sixteenth-century comedy. He writes for "la Repubblica" and the monthly "Amadeus". He teaches at the Fiesole Music School (invited by the founder Piero Farulli), at the Conservatory of Benevento and in university courses in Prato. And for some time he has been taking responsibility for biographies of Italian musicians of the past for the publisher Treccani.

    Giuseppe Guarrera

    17.08.19 Solo piano recital

    In 2017 Guarrera won 2nd Prize at the Montréal International Competition along with five other awards including the People’s Choice.

    Born in Sicily, Giuseppe completed his studies in 2018 at the Barenboim-Said Academy in Berlin with Nelson Goerner. In the same year he won a Tabor Foundation Award at the Verbier Festival Academy, received a prestigious Klavier Ruhr Festival scholarship, and was selected by YCAT (Young Classical Artists Trust) in London. Solo highlights include appearances with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Royal Philharmonic, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Orchestra del Teatro la Fenice and in venues such as Auditorio Sony in Madrid and Luis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. In 2017 he premiered a concerto by Benjamin Attahir with the Boulez Ensemble conducted by Daniel Barenboim in the opening concert of the Boulez Saal in Berlin.

    Engagements during 2019/20 include recitals at Wigmore Hall, Boulez-Saal, Klavier-Ruhr Festival, in Turin at Lingotto Auditorium, and with the McGill Chamber Orchestra in Montreal.

    Photo credit: Kaupo Kikkas

    Sergej Krylov

    18.08.19 & 19.08.19 Violin soloist and Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets 19.08.19

    Effervescent musicianship, intense lyricism and beguiling tonal beauty are qualities that have secured Sergej Krylov’s place among today’s most renowned performers. The Russian-born violinist brings breath-taking virtuosity to reveal profound expressive insights in his strikingly broad repertoire.

    ‘Sergej Krylov transfixed the house, fiddling with the kind of effortless lyricism, liquid flow and mercurial tones that distinguish the best violinists’ (The Times) following last year performance of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Vasily Petrenko.

    A regular guest with the world’s greatest orchestras, institutions and conductors Sergey cites Rostropovich as one of the greatest influences on his artistic life.

    As Music Director of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra since 2008, Sergej loves assuming the dual role of soloist and conductor and also devotes much time to chamber music projects with leading pianists and in larger ensembles.

    With a distinguished discography Sergej recently recorded the Violin Concerto Metamorphosen conducted by Krzysztof Penderecki as part of a landmark project to record the Polish composer’s complete works.

    Photo credit: Mary Slepkova

    Vitaly Pisarenko

    18.08.19 & 22.08.19 Piano soloist

    "...Immensely gifted pianist...with prodigious technique, myriad shadings and scrupulous accuracy...", New York Times

    In April 2008, Russian pianist Vitaly Pisarenko won First Prize at the 8th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition in Utrecht, Netherlands. Vitaly's packed international tour schedule commenced the morning after the Finals with an appearance at Amsterdam's Concertgebouw with the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Damian Iorio.

    Vitaly commenced his studies in Moscow with Professor Yuri Slesarev at the Central Music School and State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He completed his Master’s degree with distinction at Royal Academy of Music with Professor Dmitri Alexeev. Vitaly in 2014, his Artist Diploma degree in 2015 and is currently a Doctoral course student as an Emma Rose Memorial Scholar and a Bob Wigley and Helmut Schuster Scholar generously supported by the Drake Calleja Trust and has been a Keyboard Charitable Trust artist since 2012.International highlights of 2018-2019 include performances throughout Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Turkey, China and a South African tour.

    Lone Madsen

    18.08.19 Clarinet soloist

    Danish born, Juilliard educated classical clarinetist and composer Lone Widahl Madsen (pronounced Luna) has performed as a soloist and chamber musician in prestigious venues around the world, collaborating with luminaries including Alfred Brendel, Chris Botti and Andrea Bocelli. In addition to performing and producing her now 4th album Scandinoir, Lone’s career encompasses acting in film and theatre (Oscar-winning Sense and Sensibility - Ang Lee and The Duchess of Malfi -Punchdrunk), commercials (Volvo, Oil of Olay), modelling (Giorgio Armani), producing her four-woman ensemble OPUS X, writing and producing a play, documentary film, TV show, and most recently the illustrated children’s book and TV series The Magical Musical Adventures of Lola and Moose. Lone has a heart of gold and a will of steel: she's a beautiful, unstoppable creative visionary whose talent seduces everyone she meets, and she never stops until she's made her dream into reality. In the rare moments when she is not creating, Lone enjoys teaching the next generation, exploring her Notting Hill neighbourhood, and doting on her adorable dachshund Edison.

    Klaudia Baca

    18.08.19 Double bass

    Klaudia Baca graduated with honours from the Szymanowski Academy of Music continuing her studies with Professor Enrico Fagone at the Lugano Conservatoire.

    As a soloist she has performed many times with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Katowice, Zabrze Philharmonic, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Rzeszow and the ‘Archetti’ Chamber Orchestra. She performs as a soloist in festivals ranging from the 51st Tibor Varga Music Academy in Sion, Switzerland to the International George Enescu Festival in Bucharest. The many concert halls in which she has played have included Musikverein, Vienna and Philharmonie Hall in Berlin. She has won prizes in important international and national competitions.

    Klaudia has worked with Luzerne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of Svizzera Italiana, Gstaad Symphony Orchestra at the Menuhin Festival, Zurich Opera House, Scharoun Ensemble Berlin Philharmoni, AUKSO Chamber Orchestra and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

    Vincenzo Costanzo

    20.08.19 Tenor 23.08.19 VesuviOperaJazz

    Appreciated for “the captivating vocal colour and bold high notes” and for “the incredible intensity and the tangible emotions”, Vincenzo Costanzo is among the best young tenors on the international lyrical scene. Born in 1991, he joined the White Voices Choir of Teatro San Carlo in Naples at age six. He debuted at the age of 11 in a contemporary opera at the Teatro San Carlo. He studied piano and music theory privately and was awarded a Diploma at the Conservatory.

    At the same time he achieved a degree in Computer Engineering he continued voice lessons with Marcello Ferraresi and specialised with Piero Giuliacci. Winner of Oscar della Lirica (New Generation Tenor Prize) in Doha (Qatar) in 2014, Vincenzo Costanzo has already worked with renowned international conductors and directors such as Myung-whun Chung at Teatro La Fenice in Venice and in Tokyo, James Conlon at the Teatro Real in Madrid, Emma Dante at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, Daniel Oren and Franco Zeffirelli at Arena of Verona and Liliana Cavani at Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. He performs in the best theatres all over the world.

    Nicholas Salloum

    21.08.19 Spotlight on a Young Artist

    Nicolas Salloum was born on June 2, 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland. He studied with Akiko Shirogane-Weber at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève and is currently studying with Dominique Weber at the Haute école de musique in Geneva for the second year. He had masterclasses with Eugen Indjic and Krzysztof Jablonski (both at the Chopin Festival), Julian Martin at The Juilliard School in New York and with Lang Lang at the Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy. He has won awards at every piano competition in which he participated in Switzerland and France since 2011 including first prizes at the Russian Conservatory Alexander Scriabin in Paris, at the Claude Kahn competition in Cannes and Paris, three consecutive years at the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève’s competition, two first prizes with mention at the Concours Suisse de Musique pour la jeunesse in Lugano and La Chaux-de-Fonds, and second prizes at the Giuliana et Giorgio Stefanini Foundation’s competition in Geneva in 2015 and at the Steinway Competition in Zurich in 2016 and in Bern in 2018. Nicolas has given recitals at the Steinway Hall in 2015 in Lausanne, at the Lavaux Classic festival in Cully in 2016 and 2017 and at the Gstaad Menuhin Festival and at the Piano à St.Ursanne festival in 2017.

    Ksenia Milas

    21.08.19 Sponsors Gala at the Castle

    Ksenia Milas is a Russian violinist living and working in Italy. She performs repertoire from Bach to contemporary composers and teaches at Imola International Academy.
    Her CD of the 24 Capricci by Paganini will be released soon. She has recorded the Ysaÿe Violin Sonatas Op.27 introduced by Cappelletto and Poter. The Swedish composer Ostlund has recently composed “Paganini Fantasia, a new work dedicated to Ksenia Milas”. She has cooperated with the violinist Shalman in the production of the movie-lessons “I’ll be a Violinist”.
    She was 5 when she entered the Special School of St.Petersburg Conservatoire for talented pupils. She graduated with honours and continued studying with leading violin masters and has won many International competitions. Aged 9, she debuted with St. Petersburg Philharmonic following which reviewers wrote: “Ksenia has enchanted the public with her charisma, astonishing virtuosity and her extraordinary talent and artistic sensibility.”

    Marta Medicina

    21.08.19 Sponsors Gala at the Castle - mood artist

    Language: colours!

    Following her artistic training, she developed her personal research on Phenomelogy and Psicology of Colours with her Professor Tiziana Tacconi, teacher at the Brera Academy, in Milan. She takes part in performances and shared artworks with the group CON-TA-CI. In recent years, she has learnt the Aura-Soma® system, through which she can finally combine her personal spiritual research with her artistic knowledge, becoming a registered practitioner.

    David Winkler

    22.08.19 Composer and 22.08.19 Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets

    New York composer David Winkler has composed over 200 works for orchestras and ensembles worldwide. He has received a Martha Argerich Project Commission, Leonard Bernstein Composer Fellowship, Commissions from the Aspen Music Festival and New York Philharmonic Ensembles with additional recent commissions from I Musici di Parma (Lyric Preludes, 2019), West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Marinbad (Piano Concerto No. 2, 2020), Ocean Grove Music Festival (2019) and Hungarian State Opera (2020 Le Petite Prince ballet ) and Karpfalziches Kammerorchester (Mannheim Preludes 2016, Mannheim, DG)

    New commissions in 2019 include his 4th Symphony (in three movements) commissioned by Suoni Dal Golfo Festival in Lerici, Italy under the direction of Gianluca Marcianoò; and a new work for Pipe Organ and Orchestra for August 1, 2019 première at the Ocean Grove Music Festival (New Jersey), home of the USA's largest pipe organ housed in the semi-outdoor 5000 seat Ocean Grove Auditorium.

    David Winkler has been composer in residence with Vahktang Jordania International Conducting Competition, Aspen Music Festival, Banff Centre, Opera/Omaha, Chautauqua Opera and Lincoln Center Institute. He also serves as Executive Director of Long Island Concert Orchestra, Enrico Fagone Music Director, formed in 2016, which concertizes throughout the metropolitan New York area.

    Samar Hafez

    22.08.19 Soloist - double bass

    Samar Hafez is an Egyptian double bass player based in Berlin where she is a student at Barenboim-Said Akademie. She studies with Matthew McDonald and Nabil Shehata. She was the double bass principal of Cairo Opera Orchestra and also played as a principal in Cairo Symphony Orchestra. She plays with many orchestras around the Middle East and Europe such as Northwest Opera in Ireland, Wernigerode Kammer Orchester, Braunschweig Orchestra, Deutsche Philharmonie Merck and David Geringas’s chamber orchestra in Berlin. She has been playing with orchestra Excellence since the beginning of Suoni dal Golfo, she plays with several chamber music ensembles such as the Egyptian European Ensemble for Contemporary Music and Berliner Camerata, and Al Bustan Festival Quintet with Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi. Samar plays with West Eastern Divan Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Barenboim and tours around the world.

    Herta Hansena

    23.08.19 Pianist performing with Maxim Novikov

    “The most inspiring thing in a concert, for me, is the connection to the other musicians. No matter how well the piece was rehearsed, something new always emerges - a sense of a deep connection, a magical unity, and the rebirth of the piece as a new and unique creation”.

    Herta Hansena is a passionate Latvian chamber musician and accompanist. In the course of her career she performed all around the globe, participated in Kremerata Baltica Festivals, Probaltica Festival, and many more.

    Latvian composers Maija Einfelde, Gundega Šmite and Marīte Dombrovska have dedicated musical pieces to Herta. In 2013 she was awarded the Latvian Great Music Award for Exceptional Ensemble Work, and in 2018 she was awarded the Latvian Music Academy Award.

    Herta performed in concerts, for the radio and for television, alongside a large number of internationally acclaimed musicians, including: Ēriks Kiršfelds, Ieva Parša, William Bennett, Renate Greiss- Armin, Carsten Svanberg, Olesja Petrova, Matthew Barney, Kristine Blaumane, Maxim Novikov, Andrey Dogadin, Karen Shakhgaldian, Carsten Svanberg, and many others.

    Luigi Maio

    24.08.19 Concert - Musicattore

    Luigi Maio, “Musicattore”®, is an actor, musician, author and singer. He enjoys great success from La Scala to the Petruzzelli, the Quirinale to the Piccolo in Milan, the Ravello Festival to the Martha Argerich Festival, Hamburg. He has received recognition from Critici di Teatro, Premio Ettore Petrolini, he is a UNICEF Testimonial and the Italian Embassy, London for “Inferno da Camera” dedicated to Dante’s Divine Comedy (defined from Francesco Mosetti Casaretto, “the first Dante in a 3D play”, receiving an award from CISI - International Centre of Italian Studied in Villa Durazzo).

    He is Italian representative of Foundation Igor Stravinsky, chaired by Marie Stravinsky, recognised as the best interpreter of “L’Histoire du Soldat”. He is the author of “H - Histoire du Soldat”’in the Igor Stravinsky Abécédair (Editions La Baconnière). He interpreted “Soldat” at the Art Center in Geneva (September 2018) for the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky’s masterpiece, under the patronage of the Stravinsky Foundation. He composed a work for voice and piano dedicated to Genoese tenor Francesco Meli, successfully performed at La Scala in Milan. He is also an architect-scenographer and designer.

    Anna Manelli

    24.08.19 Concert - Actress

    Anna Manella trained at the Course “Giorgio Strehler” at the Luca Ronconi School from the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. She has interpreted varied characters such as Elisa in “Pygmalion” by G. B. Shaw, Agave in “Baccanti” directed by Federico Orsetti, Ismene in “Antigone” directed by Christian Zecca, different roles in “Kafkakabaret” directed by Enrico Bonavera and Christian Zecca, Elena in “Midnight Summer Dream” directed by Andrea Scarel, roles in “Stazione di posta” directed by Modestina Caputo, Vichi in “Rumori fuori scena”, Signora Smith e Signora Martin in “Cantatrice calva” directed by Romasamaria Florian, Trilly in “L’Isola che non c’è” etc. Female protagonist for the teaser of Animal Planet - directed by Lucio Apposito (Opificio Ciclope production), she has participated in music videos, for example “Ancora ci sei” by Nomadi.


    24.08.19 Final concert - Aleph with his band

    Aleph is a Lebanese pianist and composer known for his natural gift, charisma and tremendous generosity that make him so magnetic once he steps on stage.

    “A piano that breathes flamenco, one that senses the vibes of tango and embraces true jazz.” Paco Ortega - Musigrama Studios Owner

    “Aleph demonstrates that music is as powerful as any language, political movement or religion.” Antonio Serrano

    He will be joined by renowned & illustrious Lebanese instrumentalists and 'Orchestra Excellence' to bring to you an original & mind-blowing repertoire from his debut album that consists of the best in Oriental, Flamenco & Jazz. Expect to be taken on a musical journey of culture, scenic imaginations and true emotions.

    Aleph and the band will also be taking it back to their roots, with rearranged oriental Lebanese folk songs that will amaze.

    After the success of several headlining concerts around Europe & beyond, Aleph and the band bring their magic to Suoni dal Golfo.

    Maria Koryagova - soprano

    27.08.19 Special concert in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse

    Maria Koryagova lives in Moscow and recently completed two seasons at Stuttgart Opera Studio. While in Stuttgart she sang Zelina in Don Giovanni; Amore in Orphée et Eurydice; Echo in Ariadne auf Naxos and Anna in Nabucco. Mariahas also performed Pamina and Papagena in The Magic Flute; Musetta in La Bohème and Belinda in Dido and Esneas. She studied at Moscow College of Music and Theatre Arts, at the Russian University of Theatre and Arts and at the College of Music and Performing Arts, Stuttgart in the soloist class and participated in the masterclasses of Ton Krause (International Mozarteum Summer Academy), of Marjana Lipovsek and Alfred Burgstaller, with Fiorenza Cossoto, Deborah York and Brien Zerger (Metropolitan Opera). Maria is delighted to participate in this performance of Mozart’s Requiem in collaboration with the chorus of Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa.

    Sofia Tumanyan - contralto

    27.08.19 Special concert in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse

    Sofia Tumanyan is an Armenian mezzo-soprano. Always eager to explore new opera roles, she presents them in a new light. After graduating from the piano department of the Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory, she also graduated in opera singing under the guidance of Maestro Gegham Grigoryan. Since 2016 she has collaborated with Maestro Antonio Lemmo.

    As guest soloist of Spendiarian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, she performed Azucena in Verdi’s Il Trovatore and Adalgisa in Bellini's Norma (conductor: Gianluca Marcianò) and sang other roles.

    Fascinated by ancient Armenian music she has endeavoured to promote it internationally. She performed as a soloist of Sharakan spiritual ancient music ensemble in Ljubljana, Vienna, and toured throughout Armenia.

    Sofia sang various concerts in Festival della Valle d’Itria in Martina Franca; Leighton House Museum in London; Croatian Music Institute in Zagreb; Salzburg Mozarteum Great Hall and Vienna Musikverein Golden Hall.

    A laureate of international competitions, Sofia recently had her debut in Teatro di San Carlo in Naples and performed Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in Lugano with Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana.

    Bechara Moufarrej - tenor

    27.08.19 Special concert in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse

    Born in Lebanon is one of those rare Lebanese singers who have established an international career. As a student he was fortunate to benefit from masterclasses with Micaela Mingheras, Simone Alaimo, Sylvana Ferraro et Vittorio Terranova.

    Bechara has worked with Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, Romanian Philharmonic, Welsh National Orchestra and Italian Youth Orchestra conducted by many leading conductors such as P. Toufic Maatouk, Gianlucca Marcianò, Lubnan Baalbaki, Harout Fazilian, Alberto Maniaci and Nicola Pascovski, with whom he has performed in Qatar, UAE, Paris, Italy, UK, Canada, and New York.

    Roles include Don José, Carmen; Don Basilio, Marriage of Figaro; Ferrando, Cosi fan tutte; Count Almaviva , Barber of Seville; Jago, Otello; Rodolfo, La Bohème and Anthony, Cléopatra (world première March 2019).

    In 2016 Bechara was offered a visa on the basis of exceptional talent by the UK Government to attend the National Opera Studio with which he has already performed in La Favorita, La Traviata and Rigoletto.

    Laurence Meikle - bass

    27.08.19 Special concert in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse

    Australian-born bass Laurence Meikle made his debut at the Sydney Opera House at age 22, and has since sung leading roles throughout the UK, Germany, and Italy. Opera repertoire includes Don Giovanni, Figaro, Guglielmo, Sarastro, Colline, Selim, and Basilio, to name a few. Since a young age he dreamed of living and singing in Italy, and in 2017 he debuted here with Fabio Luisi at the Festival della Valle d’Itria. Now an Italian resident, this season he will sing major roles at Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Maggio Musicale in Florence, as well as in Rovigo, Ferrara, Padova, Piacenza, Livorno and Pisa. He first worked with Maestro Marcianò in the UK on a production of Tosca, and is thrilled to be returning to Lerici again after having sung last year’s Petite Messe Solennelle here. In his spare time he is an avid reader and enjoys yoga. www.laurencemeikle.com

    Anna Tifu - violin

    27.08.19 Special concert in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse

    Winner of the 2007 George Enescu Competition in Bucharest Anna Tifu is a leading violinist of her generation. Born in Cagliari, she learned violin from age six under the guidance of her father and at age 8 she won 1st prize with special honours at the Vittorio Veneto concert series. At age 11 she debuted as soloist with Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire and at age 12 performed Bruch Violin Concerto at La Scala, Milan. Supported by Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund at age 17 Anna was accepted at Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia to study with Aaron Rosand, Shmuel Ashkenzay and Pamela Frank. Anna appears with the world’s finest orchestras and chamber ensembles, with leading conductors and soloists, has opened seasons at Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova playing on the famous violin Guarneri del Gesù “IL CANNONE” of Niccolò Paganini, at Teatro La Fenice, the Stradivari Festival in Cremona and in Paris with Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France. Anna records for Warner Classics and promotes Alitalia. She plays the 1716 Antonio Stradivari “Marèchal Berthier” ex Napoleon on loan from Associazione Canale, Milan.

    Coro della Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice

    27.08.19 Special concert in memory of the victims of the Morandi Bridge collapse

    The history of the chorus in Genoa began with the inauguration of Teatro Carlo Felice in 1828. In the 170 years since, the theatre has had an important cultural role, offering musical creativity in both national and international repertoire.

    In addition to working with the theatre on opera repertoire from Baroque to the present, the Choir of Teatro Carlo Felice has developed a flexible side, working on polyphonic forms, baroque and classical repertoire, performing great symphonic-romantic compositions and multiform expressions of the twentieth century. This brought importance to the Choir on the national scene. The artistic experience of the ensemble also improved thanks to the contribution of great Chorus Masters including: Lido Nistri, Leone Magiera, Bruno Pizzi, Tullio Boni, Adolfo Fanfani, Ferruccio Lozer, Dante Ghersi, Marco Faelli, Gianfranco Cosmi, Fulvio Angius, Fulvio Fogliazza, and more recently Ciro Visco, Giovanni Andreoli, Lorenzo Fratini, Marco Balderi, Pablo Assante and Franco Sebastiani.

    Particularly meaningful has been the collaboration with great conductors such as Rostropovič, Gavazzeni, Argiris, Maag, Bertini, Pappano, Ahronovitch, Bertini,Thielemann, Oren, Bartoletti, Frühbeck de Burgos, Pappano, Santi, Maazel, Campanella, Luisotti, Renzetti, Gelmetti, Plasson and Luisi.

    Coro del Teatro Carlo Felice diretto dal Maestro Francesco Aliberti

    Manuella Guiragossian

    11.08.19 Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets

    MANUELLA GUIRAGOSSIAN is an artist and the youngest daughter of Paul Guiragossian (1926-93). She is President of the Paul Guiragossian Foundation in Lebanon, established in 2011 by the late artist’s wife and children to preserve and promote his legacy. She is co-editor with Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath of the monograph Paul Guiragossian: Displacing Modernity (2018), published by Silvana Editoriale in Milan. Manuella’s father taught her from childhood to be creative through storytelling, drawing and making flip books, leading to her early interest in cartoons and animation. She has a BFA in Film and Video from the California Institute of the Arts. She has participated in group exhibitions, art fairs and solo shows around the world. Some of her work is based on childhood drawings she made during the Lebanese civil war, which her father signed, dated and preserved, and which she rediscovered after his death during her work on his archive. paulguiragossian.com

    Photo Credit- Sueraya Shaheen

    Hanan Al-Shaykh

    17.08.19 Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets

    HANAN AL-SHAYKH is one of the Arab world’s most celebrated writers. She writes in Arabic, and her work has been translated into 28 languages, including Italian. Her novels include The Story of Zahra, Women of Sand and Myrrh, Beirut Blues, Only in London – shortlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize – and The Occasional Virgin. She is the author of the short story collection I Sweep the Sun off Rooftops; The Locust and the Bird, a memoir of her mother’s life; and One Thousand and One Nights, an acclaimed reimagining of Arabic folktales, which was adapted and performed at the Edinburgh Festival. Her stage plays include A Dark Afternoon Tea and The Paper Husband. She lives in London, and has also lived in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the South of France. She was this year made a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Society of Literature, and awarded an honorary doctorate from the American University in Beirut.

    Ben Okri

    18.08.19 Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets

    Novelist, poet, short-story writer and essayist, Ben Okri was born in Nigeria. He grew up in Nigeria and England. His story collections include Incidents at the Shrine and Tales of Freedom, and his 11 novels Songs of Enchantment, Dangerous Love, Astonishing the Gods and The Famished Road, which won both the UK’s Booker Prize and Italy’s Premio Grinzane Cavour. Among his poetry collections are An African Elegy and Mental Fight, and in 2018 he edited the anthology Rise Like Lions: Poetry for the many. His most recent novel, published this year, is The Freedom Artist. Ben Okri’s other honours include the Commonwealth Writers Prize, the Aga Khan Prize for Fiction and the Premio Palmi, and he was awarded the OBE in 2000. His fellow-novelist Ali Smith calls him “that rare thing, a literary and social visionary, a writer for whom all three – literature, culture and vision – are profoundly interwoven”.

    Maya Jaggi

    Director and Presenter Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets

    11/12 & 17.08.19

    MAYA JAGGI is Artistic Director and co-presenter of Suoni dal Golfo’s Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets. A writer, critic, cultural journalist, consultant and artistic director in London, where she was born, she has reported from five continents and interviewed 14 Nobel prizewinners among hundreds of cultural figures, from Günter Grass and Umberto Eco to Salman Rushdie and Edward Said. Her writing on global art, literature and music appears in the Financial Times, New York Review of Books, New York Times and Words Without Borders – where she is Critic at Large – and she contributes to the BBC. She was a leading profile writer and critic for the Guardian newspaper’s Review in 1999-2015, and is ‘one of Britain’s most respected arts journalists,’ according to the Open University, which awarded her an honorary doctorate in 2012. She has been an Associate Fellow of Warwick University, a DAAD Arts and Media Fellow in Berlin and an EU Senior Expert in Cultural Journalism in post-Soviet Europe. She holds degrees from Oxford University and the London School of Economics. Twitter: @MayaJaggi

    Boyd Tonkin

    Presenter Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets

    14/18/19. & 22.08.19

    BOYD TONKIN is co-presenter of Suoni dal Golfo’s Sea of Stories on the Gulf of Poets. An author, journalist and critic, he is special adviser to The International Booker Prize, the English-speaking world’s premier award for translated fiction (which he chaired in 2016). He writes on literature and arts for international media including The Economist, Financial Times, The Times, New Scientist and New York Review of Books Daily, and contributes to the BBC. His acclaimed reader’s guide to global fiction over 400 years, The Hundred Best Novels in Translation (2018) was published in paperback in June 2019. From 1996 to 2016, he was Literary Editor and then Senior Writer at The Independent newspaper in London, where he re-founded the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and co-judged it until its merger with the Man Booker International Prize. He has lectured and spoken at festivals and universities around the world, from Argentina to South Korea. Educated at Cambridge University, he is a Trustee of the Orwell Foundation, associate editor of the journal Critical Muslim and reviews music and opera for theartsdesk.com.

    Roberto Di Marino

    Composer Viola Concerto - Memorial Concert for victims of Morandi Bridge disaster


    Roberto Di Marino was born in 1956 in Trento, Italy. He received his musical training at the Conservatory of Trento where he graduated in composition, choral music and choral conducting, jazz and arrangement for wind band. As a composer he has won several competitions. His arrangements and original compositions are internationally performed.

    He is also an active conductor with professional experience in windband, choir and jazz band. He teaches composition and arrangement for wind band at the Conservatory of Verona and lives in Mezzolombardo (near Verona), where he spends most of his time composing and arranging music.

    In memory of Katya Tsukanova


    Born in London, June 2002, to Russian parents Katya started learning violin and piano at age 5 - violin with Viktoria Grigoreva and piano with Olga Bosovskaya and then Katya Lebedeva. In 2011 Katya was accepted by the Royal College of Music Junior Department. In 2013 she won its prestigious Ian Stoutzker Violin Prize – Grade 7 awarded annually to a RCM student for achieving the highest mark in Grade 7 exam in the academic year.

    In 2012, Katya was accepted by Professor Zakhar Bron to his violin master courses performing in his concerts in Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
    Katya first performed in a public concert at age 5. In 2011 she participated in her first international competition in Madeira (Forum Internacional) winning First Prize (joint) in her age group and then invited to perform in Vladimir Spivakov’s International Festival in Moscow (Moscow Meets Friends). She subsequently competed regularly in international competitions.

    From 2012 Katya was awarded prizes and performances at prestigious stages and competitions including at Carnegie Hall, New York; Moscow; London; Novosibirsk; Sofia; Verbier; Salzburg; Tbilisi; Lerici; Malta and most recently Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.


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