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    HearthQuake is a charitable company incorporated in England and Wales (Registered Charity Number 1177513) established by seven Italian professionals living in the UK following the devastating earthquakes in Central Italy, which left thousands of families homeless, jobless and with no hope for their future.

    HeartQuake wants to be a platform where ideas can be transformed into long-term projects for the benefit of the local people and their economy. We would therefore welcome people from different professional background as well as organizations willing to contribute with money, ideas, skills.

    The objective is to provide assistance in the areas where public support could only be marginal. The main areas of interest are education, business and economic development, projects to promote the cultural and artistic heritage and to increase national and international tourism. A special focus will be on the role that innovation, new technologies, environmental protection and bio-diversity can play in (re)-shaping a sustainable economic model.

    Depending on the size and cost of each project, HeartQuake intends to raise funds through: a) its members and their network; b) crowdfunding; c) fundraising events in the UK and abroad; d) donations from individual supporters, patrons, benefactors, the corporate sector, other charities or NPOs in the UK and abroad.

    Our first project allowed us to donate school furniture to 60 students from the primary school of Loro Piceno (Province of Macerata) a small town in the Marche Region. Next project aims at raising funds to support the University of Camerino.

    Help us make a difference!!!! We need your support! Make a donation today through our web site http://www.heartquake.org.uk or directly to our bank account:


    HEARTQUAKE LIMITED - Account Number: 19 0470 01 - Sort Code: 40 50 45 IBAN: GB13 BCIT 4050 4519 0470 01 - SWIFT: BCITGB2L

    For more detailed information you can contact Anna Marra (Founder and Trustee) at annamarra-uk@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much in advance for your support to HeartQuake.