• HeartQuake

    A Charity for the Victims of the Earthquake in Central Italy

    HeartQuake is an established charitable company incorporated in England and Wales on March 2017 in the process of registering as a “charity” under the Charities Act 2011. The organization was established by a group of Italian national professionals working in the United Kingdom. Our web site will be available shortly at www.heartquake.org.uk. The decision to set up HeartQuake came in January 2017, after the last devastating earthquakes in Central Italy. With thousands of families left homeless, jobless and with no hope for their future we thought we should play a role in supporting our people: that…”it is our business (and duty)” to care about them and that a strong commitment, solidarity and a long-term vision could make the difference. Just like in an orchestra, if each of us played his/her part, no matter how small, with passion, humility, commitment and generosity, under a “passionate visionary leader” we could shape something unique and lasting. That’s what we would like HeartQuake to be: a visionary leader, a hub where money, ideas and projects are driven by the sole objective of delivering a real help to the local people in terms of sustainable economic development, education, and plans to promote an often undervalued cultural and artistic heritage and international tourism.When sharing our ideas with our personal and professional network, we received hundreds of positive responses both at an individual and a corporate level, whose common aim is to contribute to re-build/re-shape a brighter future for the people living in the areas affected by the earthquakes. HeartQuake is also supporting Progetto Fenice – a project in association with the Rotary E Club DueMondi – Distretto 2090.