• Music and Poetry Festival in Lerici - La Spezia - Italy

    16 August - 31 August 2018


  • "…Thinking over every tone

    Which, though silent to the ear,

    The enchanted heart could hear,

    Like notes which die when born, but still

    Haunt the echoes of the hill…"


    Lines Written in The Bay of Lerici by Percy Bysshe Shelley

    (written shortly before he was taken by the sea and drowned)

  • Mission & Inspiration

    Set on the famous coastline of the Golfo dei Poeti, the seaside town of Lerici and the neighbouring Cinque Terre have been a magnet for poets and composers alike, from Shelley, Byron and Lawrence to Wagner.


    Conductor Gianluca Marcianò launches Suoni dal Golfo as a new festival of music and poetry in his home town, with a programme inspired by the sea and the poets who were drawn to it.


    Together with violist Maxim Novikov, Marcianò also founded a new concept for emerging musicians: Orchestra Excellence. The festival provides now a summer residency for the musicians who have been carefully selected to join the orchestra.


    With a series of public concerts at the most stunning sights of Lerici, San Terenzo and Tellaro, Suoni dal Golfo will pay a tribute to all who were drew inspiration from the wonderful seaside of the Venere Azzurra to continue to inspire.