• Symposium and Talks

    Alongside the concert programme the International Cultural Diversity Organisation is organising a symposium and workshops together with the Orchestra Excellence. Additionally, two pre-concert talks have been arranged with keynote speakers of the classical music industry. These extra events are open to musicians and music-lovers of all kind.

    29 August

    Villa Marigola - ICDO

      Pre-concert talk with composers, Dr. Anthony Lowstedt and ICDO's Josipa Palac (President), Ani Hakobyan (Event director), and Cristel Carrisi Luksie.

      ICDO workshop Cultural & Musical Mashup from 15:00-18:00.

      ICDO’s Ambassador Cristel Carrisi Luksic will conduct series of interviews with musicians.

      30 August

      Villa Marigola - YCAT

      Pre-concert talk by Alistair Tait of Young Classical Trusts about building a career as a musician.

      31 August

      Lerici Castle - ICDO and Emma for Peace

      ICDO and Emma for Peace symposium on music, diversity and diplomacy from 15:00 - 18:00. Speakers include; Ed Vulliamy, Eric Falt (Unesco), Aeham Ahmad (pianist), Srjan Kerim (ICDO advisor), Dr. Anthony Lowstedt and Paolo Petrocelli (Unesco Italy).

      2 September

      Villa Marigola - ICDO

      ICDO workshop music and beyond 15:00 - 17:00.

      Presentation of results from workshop plus talks from Josipa Palac (President), Ani Hakobyan (Event director), Cristel Carrisi Luksie.,Dr. Anthony Lowstedt and Gianluca Marciano. Covered topics will include: Integration/Migration, Social Media Impact and Cultural Diversity Inside Families